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A new kind of Church Dance

Church dances DJ’ed by DJ Chris Davis aren’t like any other church dances. And leaders, no need to worry, Chris plays the cleanest music possible and keeps everyone entertained.

Clean Music

The cleanest! We are dedicated to playing music that can only be played in it’s original form. That means that if a song has words or content that need to be edited out to be clean, we stay away from it at youth dances. We are proud to be known as the clean DJs! We believe that you don’t need dirty music to have a good time. Keeping a clean atmosphere will help everyone feel safe and included.

We’re constantly watching the crowd to make sure everyone is having a good time. If we see that a certain song or type of music isn’t working, we’ll change it! We have the experience to know what will work, and how to adapt if it isn’t working.


Sometimes the youth need some encouragement to get on the dance floor at stake dances. Maybe they don’t know how to dance. Maybe they don’t know very many people. Maybe they’re just shy. We remember what it’s like to attend youth dances and have designed our shows to help everyone feel included with games and other “interactivities” to help each youth get involved.

We also find that sometimes no one needs any encouragement at all. When that happens, we step out of the way and let people just enjoy the music. We match our level of interaction with the needs of the dance. No more, no less. Just right.


We bring cutting edge equipment, and the experience of how to use it, to every event. You won’t need to provide any speakers, microphones, or anything else. We bring it all so you don’t have to worry about it. We closely monitor the volume levels as well to make sure it’s not too loud or too quiet.


We provide the right amount of lighting for each dance. If it’s too bright, the youth will be less inclined to dance. If it’s too dark, it provides the wrong type of atmosphere for a church dance. We stick to the church standard of being able to clearly see to the other side of the room.

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